My rant for today is certain old people. For instance, today me and a female friend of mine were playing a nice game of nose tag (its like tag, only you have to tag the persons nose) in a somewhat bad place. Now, Iíll admit we were in a bad place to play nose tag, so no oneís got anything on me. I admit we did something wrong, but thats all we did wrong. However, at the point a car of older people pulled up. They seemed to not really care. We explained what as going onÖ or so we thought. It seems they thought we were, ahem, Ďwrestling.í

All in all, now Im being utterly forced into calling some old judgmental old woman saying Im sorry for being careless. Im having trouble doing this, of course, since NONE OF US DID ANYTHING WRONG!!!!! Also, Im expecting to get chewed out by this weird woman. If she does, hey, Iíll be ready. If she doesnít, well, Iíll be pleasantly surprised. Either way this goes against my principles. Im not into admitting I was in the wrong when I wasnít.

You know what? To all the teenage guys out there who do drugs, vandalize buildings, and like girls only for sex, I blame them for MY bad reputation with adults. I donít even have to do anything wrong now!!! People just assume!! Who know how mad that makes me? Ever so mad indeed.

This brings me to another crossroad. Stereotypical adults who think they know everything and think younger people know nothing. Sure, kids can be moronic. They have their reasons. Parents who assume their kids have no knowledge of anything are true fools, and thatís part of the whole problem. Old women who jump to conclusions about younger people, parents who wont listen, and stupid teenagers are all a part of making everyone else look bad.